inFlow Cloud

Your inventory accessible online. 

Free trial sign up

14 days trial. No credit card required.

  • Fully-featured Windows app
  • Android and web companion apps
  • Data stored in the cloud
  • Secured by SSL encryption and Microsoft
  • Data sharing requires no extra setup
  • Internet connection required
  • Backups are automatic and stored in the cloud
  • Monthly or annual subscription (per team member)
  • Support included and on-going

inFlow On-Premise

Your data on your local network. 
One-time license cost.

Free trial download

30 days trial. No credit card required.

  • Fully-featured Windows app
  • Windows app only
  • Data stored on your own computer network
  • Secured by your own IT network
  • Data sharing requires server setup
  • Internet connection not required
  • Backups are on your own schedule and computer
  • One-time license cost (per concurrent user)
  • Support included for the first year only

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between inFlow Cloud and inFlow On-Premise?

inFlow Cloud

gives you access to three apps: a fully-featured Windows desktop app and our Android and web companion apps. All your data is securely stored on our servers. Pay by monthly (or annual) subscription with support included.

inFlow On-Premise

is only available for Windows. All your data is stored on your own local network. One-time license cost, plus optional support plans.

How are the three inFlow Cloud platforms different?

inFlow Cloud for Windows

is a fully-featured desktop app that connects to the cloud.

inFlow Cloud for Android

is a companion app that lets you view/edit products, see inventory, and use your device as a built-in barcode scanner.

inFlow Cloud for Web

is a companion app that lets you see your inventory and manage your inFlow Cloud account.

You have access to all three platforms with your Cloud trial or subscription. All three share the same data.

Can multiple people use inFlow On-Premise?

inFlow Cloud

gives your company unlimited products, customers, orders and reports. You can add team members to your subscription at any time for each extra person you'd like to use inFlow Cloud.

inFlow On-Premise

lets you create an unlimited number of user accounts. However, you will need extra licenses to allow more than one person to use inFlow at a time. For example, 2 licenses means 2 people can read and write data at once.

Which is better for me? inFlow Cloud or inFlow On-Premise?

inFlow Cloud

gives you access to your inventory data from anywhere you have an internet connection.

inFlow On-Premise

stores your data locally on one of your computers.

It’s really up to your business needs and preferences.

Can I use both inFlow Cloud and inFlow On-Premise?

The simple answer is no. They’re separate products and your data won’t be synced between the two. If you’re already using inFlow On-Premise, you can migrate your data to Cloud (but info can’t be pushed back into on-Premise from the cloud).

What happens after the trial?

You’ll be prompted to sign up for an inFlow Cloud subscription or buy an inFlow On-Premise license. Your data from your trial is still saved and you can continue where you left off.

Can I upgrade or downgrade anytime?

inFlow Cloud

subscriptions can be upgraded or downgraded anytime.

inFlow On-Premise

licenses can be upgraded from Regular to Premium anytime by paying the difference.

Is my data safe?

inFlow Cloud

data is stored in the cloud, safe and secured with 256-bit SSL encryption backed by Microsoft Azure.

inFlow On-Premise

stores your data on your local computer within your network, with your own security.

What if I don’t like inFlow?

inFlow Cloud

has no contracts and you can cancel anytime.

inFlow On-Premise

license purchases can be refunded 100% within 45 days.

In both cases, we’re confident you’ll love what inFlow can do for you and your business.

What’s your support like?

We pride ourselves in offering world-class support! And we don’t just say that, our customers do too! We understand that business software is mission critical to your success so we take support very seriously. Nothing but the best will do!

We'll email you a download link for your computer.