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Screenshot of the inFlow Inventory Homepage which gives you quick access to all important aspects of your business including sales, purchasing, inventory, reports and settings.

Save time.  
Stay organized.

Organize your orders, customers and inventory 
all in one place. Use barcodes for tracking 
stock. With everything all together, you’ll get 
what you need, on time.

Screenshot of the inFlow Inventory Product Details page where you can know everything about your products at a glance. You can see your product’s picture, locations, costs, markup, and quantity on hand. There’s options to set a barcode, reorder point, and units of measure. Also see vendors, movement and order history. Even add your own custom information too!

Forget spreadsheets. 
Use workflows.

Track your entire process from order to payment. Generate invoices and handle special 
cases like credits and returns. You no longer need spreadsheets.

Balanced stock. 
Better profit.

Run out of stock and you lose out on sales. 
Carry too much and your cash is tied up. inFlow 
helps you strike the right balance with reports 
and dashboard.

Screenshot of the inFlow Inventory Dashboard where you can see your vital business numbers instantly with a fully customizable graph. You can also see outstanding orders at a glance and a top 5 list which can be customized to suit your needs.

Easy to use. 
Quick to setup.

Easily switch between tasks with our tabbed 
interface. Customize fields and documents 
to your needs. Install and set up in minutes.

Free 14 day trial

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